Thursday, February 7, 2013

Outfit Post: Earrings Can Save Your Life

And by saving your life I mean allowing you to uplift your used and abused outfit immediately! This is what a fantastic pair of earrings can do. I for one have never been that keen on big earrings, not in recent years anyways. However, sometimes you come across a pair that you just can't walk away from, and this is the story of how that happened...

I had a night out with my girlfriends planned this past Saturday, and of course, say it with me: I had nothing to wear!! The amount of times I find myself or other women in my life (and men) saying these words/if I had a nickle for every time I heard this I'd get it; I've heard and said this a lot! But of course being my practical yet fashion conscious self I could not fathom buying an entirely new outfit for one night out but I wouldn't mind getting one item. Luckily enough I got an email from Toronto Fashion Incubator informing me of an annual sale called "Guilty Pleasures" where local Toronto clothing and jewellery designers would be showcasing their goods at the Drake Hotel, in Toronto's Queen West neighbourhood. Perfect timing.

What a great way to support local talent and pick up a lil' something for my night out. As I was perusing the sale, one of the few booths that caught my eye was for the jewellery line called Shop for Jayu. I fell in love with nearly every piece! And it was all SO affordable - total win win. The Jayu girls were super friendly and nice and if I followed them on Twitter and Facebook I got an additional discount! I ended up getting these amazing earrings for about $12.00 that completely uplifted my previously tired outfit, pictured below ;) Budget-friendly and served my purpose, SCORE.

Shop for Jayu booth at the Guilty Pleasures sale by TFI

The Shop for Jayu earrings I got!

Earrings on

Various angles

The outfit that I've worn many times before!

Outfit Breakdown:
Earrings - $12ish Shop for Jayu 
Blouse - $25ish Forever 21 (last summer)
Black Skinnies - $60 Aritizia (not denim, super warm!)
Booties - $37 Call it Spring (on sale!)

And that is how earrings can save your you have any life-altering accessory tales? Do share!

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