Sunday, June 3, 2012

Beauty Buys: Winners takes it all

So some of you may already do this, but I love Winners for all my beauty and hair products  -they have brand name and unique products that are not commonly mass produced, at a fraction of the cost. The selection is quite refreshing and gives me an alternative to the same old boring stuff at drugstore chains. 
I buy shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, oil treatments, exfoliating scrubs, face masks, lotions, cleansing wipes, face creams, etc -all from Winners 

I don't love their makeup selection, so I stick to my usual brands for that but all the other stuff I mentioned above its completely worth a try! The major disclaimer is that some of these brands are completely obscure and might be a hit or miss in terms of results, but take your time and read the ingredients, descriptions, smell it etc.

Here is a picture from today's Winners haul

Left to right: Night Cream, Sparitual Scrub Mask, Mandorla Almond oil shower gel, Shiseido cleansing sheets

Do you buy beauty products from Winners?

Ps: I know the title of this post sounds obnoxious, but sometimes these puns just come through me from some divine source onto the keyboard and I can't stop it...ur gonna have to deal..


  1. Oh and did I forget to mention that all of this cost.....$40! (including tax!)

  2. good stuffs missy. u should do a post on online shopping. need some tips on good websites, what kinds of things are good to buy online and what are better bought in person etc. i've always stayed away from shopping online for anything but books and feel out of the loop!

  3. thank you Nadpod- putting the online shopping idea on my to-do list! Its a whole new world....