Saturday, August 11, 2012


So it's been raining here in Toronto consecutively for about 3 days - and this is after a mostly bright, sunny, and HOT summer we've had so far (like record-breaking heat). Personally, I love rainy days (especially if I'm cuddled up inside, watching it come down through my window). But as a city girl, who does a lot of walking during her commute- rain totally presents some challenges to my outfit choices, (as does the heat), its hard to dress weather-appropriately and be stylish at the same time.

And that's why its important to have stylish pieces which are ALSO functional in this hectic daily life of ours. A piece like that for me is this light grey trench/raincoat I got from Club Monaco last summer, I love absolutely everything in that store (but honestly I don't always want to spend $80 on a tank top) but its great for those one time purchases that you will use regularly. And of course I refuse to pay full price on anything, so I like to buy jackets near the end of the season so I can get good discounts. You do risk a lack of choice and sizes, but once you find THE piece for half the price - it's worth the initial frustration.  And to add a pop of colour, I added red shoes (got on sale from Zara for $10!!)

An unedited pic of the jacket to give you a better look

Outfit Breakdown:
Trench: Club Monaco (Wait for it.......$120!!!)
Jeans: Trusted GAP 1969 Skinnies
Shoes: Zara $10

Whats your rainy day go-to piece?


  1. You have such the cutest style and I love your posts! I only wish I could see more detail in your photos :(. Do you have a digital camera or DSLR by any chance? I'd love to see the detailing on the coat.

    1. thank you!! I don't yet but plan to invest in one soon :)

  2. Love those shoes - they totally make the outfit - Oh and I love rainy days too!


  3. Great post !!!! amazing look for a rainy day , loving your blog!
    New follower

    1. Aw thank you! I'll definitely be returning the favour!

  4. I love this rainy day look! The red shoes look great with that white coat. :)

    -Mary @