Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE Outfit: Last Minute Tips

So its down to the wire, you have that thing to go to tonight for NYE and not a clue what to wear? And on top of that you've been so busy with holiday stuff that the last thing you wanted to do was spend more time at the mall? Well I have some tips for you to use what you have to create a whole new look! I know for SURE you have something in your closet that you can re-style (with some help ;) and create a new look for your party tonight, and no one will even notice! 
Now go into your wardrobe, dig deep and pull out that dress that you wore that ONE time and never wore again. Using a dress is a safe choice, especially if its a solid colour as it acts like a blank canvas and is versatile enough to transform with different styling.
Here are 5 simple tips to create a new look with a dress you already have (you can use all of these tips or any combination of them in one look):

1. BOLD LIPS - use red, fuscia, orange, purple, maroon whatever bold lipstick colour you happen to have to add some interest and create a different look! (remember to fill your lips with lipliner of the same colour before you apply the lipstick)

 2. STATEMENT NECKLACE OR EARRINGS - pick one :) I am a firm believe if you go big on the neck then pick some beautiful studs and vice versa. I would add big bangles or a cuff, if you like more accessories.

3. FANCY PANTYHOSE - there is SO much variety nowadays, you can get coloured, printed, coloured print and its cheap! (Joe Fresh has some great options). Pantyhose, if loud enough can change the look of your dress, and you don't have to do much else (maybe a bold lip and some nice earrings) and you're good to go!

4. UPDO - the new updo rage is that sock bun thing.....I personally haven't tried it but it looks fairly easy to do and you can find these round doughnut looking thingys to help you at any drugstore. Personally, any kind of updo works that pushes your hair off your face, especially if you normally leave your hair down. 

5. BLAZER IT UP - if you're someone who dresses more conservatively, this is a great option over a dress to really change a look. Pick a blazer that creates the most contrast with your dress (i.e. pairing a black blazer with a red dress, or bright yellow blazer with a black dress).

Keep in mind you can use any combination of these tips or all 5! Personally, I would use the #1 bold lips,  #2 statement necklace and #4 updo to restyle my own look.

Now get to it! You only have a few hours to figure this out and GOOD LUCK!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Years Eve: Outfit Ideas!

Alright ladies, how often does an opportunity come around when you can doll up to the max, prom-styles and go all out with hair and makeup? For most of us, that occurs a few times a year and New Year's Eve is one of those few occasions. And when you dress up occasionally, this can be an exciting time to attempt a new style or finally get into that outfit you've been dying to wear - I say have fun with it! Glam it up!

Toronto is one of those cities where there are a wide range of fun party possibilities for NYE, from super glamourous to low-key depending on your mood. This year my husband and I have been invited to our best friends' place for a NYE party (cocktail attire) in the heart of the city (actually a few blocks from where we are) which makes it a perfect option. The only question now is whatever shall I wear? Of course I have a few ideas circulating in my mind which I've humbly decided to share with you all! lol argh i'm dishing all my secrets! But I just can't help it!

So here are my top picks for what to wear on NYE- I haven't decided which one I'll be wearing but it will definitely be one of these options....

1. FANCY JUMPSUITS - love this chic, one piece trend for the holidays. Jumpsuits hit the fashion circuits a few years ago but in a more casual rendition. Now they're being re-invented for more formal attire which I LOVE. I wore a vintage one myself to my friends birthday a few weeks ago, seen below.

 Emma Stone in Lanvin                                        Me in Vintage                     Cameron Diaz

Vintage white jumpsuit I got from Common Sort (Toronto)

2. MATCHING PRINTED SUITS - this is a fierce trend blazing the red carpets this fall and winter. There is nothing more fashion forward then a matching, printed suit, worn with either pants or shorts. Love this menswear inspired trend if you want to stand out at the party!

 Emma Stone in Nanette Lepore:              Karolina Kurkova in Roberto Cavalli

Suits with shorts!

3. LBD - is there anything more classic then a little black dress? You cannot go wrong with this classic choice, and there is such a range of LBDs you can get depending on how glammed up you want to be! Also you can always wear a simpler version and dress it up with the right accessories for your night out!

Emma Stone in an "Old-Hollywood" inspired  Miu Miu

For the bling lover- this Prabal Gurung LBD is fab

This Dior LBD is the epitome of classic beauty on Marion Cotillard

4. VELVET - who would've thunk it that this 80's fav would make a come-back! Well if we know anything about fashion we know that it is cyclical, and this trend is back but in a MUCH more modern silhouette. (Tip: scour vintage stores in your city to get an affordable version of this trend)

Katie Holmes in Tom Ford

Kim K in Gucci Fall 2012

5. Floor Length Coverage - Here is a trend for those who are attending a fancier, formal party. There is nothing more elegant and sexy then a floor length, full sleeved gown, I am a firm believer that you don't need to show everything feel attractive!  A little mystery goes a long way...

Princess Kate fresh off her controversial hospital stay, looking beautiful in McQueen
Cate Blanchette in Givenchy
SJP in Erdem

I hope these suggestions help!  I know I'll be rocking ONE of these trends, stay tuned to find out which one :) 

What will you be doing and wearing for New Year's Eve?