Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Outfit Post: White Blouse & Black Blazer (and Happy Halloween!)

Happy Halloween everyone!

What an interesting week its been. For the last couple of days Toronto had been on storm watch due to Sandy and we got some pretty strong winds, some trees down and thousands of people without power. But in comparison to the destruction caused in New York and New Jersey, we got off very easily.  With the amount of destruction that Sandy caused there I imagine it will take some time before NJ and NY can get back to normal. Its times like these when you truly realize the fragility of our world in the face of natural forces, but also I realized just how resilient we all can be. I am sending all kinds of positive energy to NY and NJ as they are still in the recovery mode.

Since its been raining cats and dogs all week, thought it would be nice to post some sunny Fall pictures to brighten up the day a bit! I also feel bad for the kids who might miss out on trick or treating due to the weather. When I first came to Canada at 11 yrs old, I thought trick or treating was a genius tradition you Western people celebrated lol. What is better then free candy? You just need a good plan of action, whether-appropriate costume (so you don't get too cold and have to head home early) map out some routes and get an equally committed trick or treating buddy and you can really maximize your candy acquisition. That was my goal each year. Fill up my frigging garbage bag as much as possible. So, happy trick or treating to all and may you stay committed despite the weather! 

Anyways, this is definitely one of those work-appropriate-but-I'd-still-wear-it-to-a-dinner-date outfits. Two things must be noted, this blazer is new from Zara. I spent about $120 on it and i LOVE it. I realized I had a blazer in every colour under the sun, but not a classic black one, not sure how that happened, so this is what I decided to buy as a result. Also the shoes, I LOVE my new smoking slippers from ASOS (a UK based online shop with an amazing selection of affordable and trendy items). It was my first purchase ever from ASOS because I generally don't shop online, I like to try things on, but these shoes were a perfect fit and the online shopping experience was painless. I am definitely hooked, which does not bode well for my credit card...

Outfit Breakdown:
Blazer: Zara ($120ish with tax)
Blouse: F21 ($25ish)
Pants: Dynamite
Shoes: ASOS ($30ish with tax and free shipping!)

Check these beauties out!

Photography: Priya Crasto (

Monday, October 22, 2012

Outfit Post: Tuxedo Blazer and Maroon Dress

So clearly I have been neglecting my blogger duties as of late. I do have a somewhat good reason, which happens to arrive monthly without fail - nope its not what you're thinking, its because of a photo shoot for the Dec/Jan cover for SHE Canada (a magazine I work at as a Styling Coordinator < official title!). Yes, once a week every month, there is a photo-shoot to plan, clothes to pull, photographers to acquire, sets to confirm, hair and makeup to coax, and models to cast. Not only do I and my editor produce the shoots (which means getting all these elements in order), we also pull all the clothes which means physically visiting each designer's showroom (or, as is the case in Toronto, it often is a boutique, an apt or basement) and selecting which clothes you will most likely use in the shoot. Then the clothes get couriered or you do the couriering and of course after all is said and done, these clothes must be returned. Needless to say, it takes up most of my life for that week. I am convinced that 90% of a stylists job is lugging stuff from one place to another and a required skill for the job is the ability to balance an obscene amount of garment bags, shoe boxes, etc and open doors with your foot without suffering any major injuries. Really, if you look like a bag lady most of the time and you don't drop anything, you would probably make a great stylist.

Anyways, about the outfit; I would easily wear this to a nice dinner or a fall wedding, you'll see that I am again wearing the thrifted tuxedo blazer (I wore it before like this) but this time pairing it with a dress.

Outfit Breakdown:
Maroon Dress - M by Mendocino ($70ish)
Tuxedo blazer - Value Village ($12.99)
Booties - Le Chateau (A bday gift to myself almost 4 years ago)
Opaque tights - H&M 
Clutch - F21 
Necklace - F21 (love the jewellery there!)

Nosey neighbouring

When I run out of zoolander style poses, it turns into this.

Love Toronto

Hope you like it! I really tried my hardest at posing all cool but since my coolness is questionable, its tough to pull off...I'll try harder next time!
Photo Credits: Priya Crasto works her photography magic once again (If you need a photo-shoot of your own for engagements, blogging, headshots etc email: - she is great and will give you a starter rate, just tell her I referred you)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Outfit Post: Yellow Blazer and Black Harem Pants

So here we are, back to the grind! If you asked me a year ago, I probably would not be too happy about the end of a long weekend - and although I  loved spending precious quality time with my close friends and family this Thanksgiving weekend- I'm actually completely ok with going back to work at the magazine (SHE Canada Magazine). I feel truly grateful and blessed to be able to say that now, and that journey was not an easy one to get to but ya I love my job! :) I would love to hear what you guys are doing and how you feel about your job/career?

I thought it would make sense to post a work-appropriate outfit (maybe the harem pants wouldn't work for some offices, you can always replace with classic black trousers). There is nothing like feeling put together to add that little motivation to kick-start your work week on the right foot. I think it makes a difference if you wear something you feel good in, its a nice confidence boost (and I know I can always use some of that, mostly because I'm super humble). And also we can't underestimate the power of image in the work/corporate world today, with the growth of personal branding and social media - the importance of image is unavoidable (unless you're Zuckerberg, or Gates but then you're probably busy inventing a life changing device and not reading my fashion blog). 

Anyways, this yellow blazer I've worn before (see pics here) and really has been a great purchase from H&M. I've been wearing it to work, to nights out, to dinner etc which I think is the sign of a smart purchase, I'll do a CPW (cost per wear) analysis in the near future; the way I gauge it is if the cost per wear reaches about $2, I think you've got your money's worth!

Action shot! This was very difficult and this is the best you're gonna get
The crap I had to touch on those grimey walls for this pic :S

Hope you're Tuesday isn't too bad, and if it is, its a short week! Yay! 

Photo credits: Priya Crasto  ( 

PS: I resisted the inevitable urge to call this post Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow.....u get it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Thrifty to Trendy: Black Blouse & Turquoise Pants

As promised, I will regularly be doing posts called Thrifty to Trendy to show you how I used a thrifted item in an outfit (check out my first T to T post here). One of the perks of using vintage or thrifted pieces is definitely the unique characteristics you are sure to get in your item. No one else will be wearing anything like it, and I think that's a coveted quality (at least for me ) in fashion. There is nothing worse then wearing something on trend, only to find every other person wearing the same exact piece. Part of me doesn't like the idea of being uber trendy, the best way to do it is to mix popular trends with unique pieces that really reflect who you are. It also shows you're not a slave to trends.

Here is my "Thrifty to Trendy" outfit, shot by by friend Priya Crasto (you can see her other work here) - now which item is thrifted? I'll let you be the judge!  Is it the black blouse? The turquoise pants? The necklace?  Ooooh the plot thickens...or it might be super easy to guess!

Is anyone else TGIFing today? Have a great Thanksgiving weekend - I know I will :) Having my friends over tonight and then making a big family dinner on Sunday at my Mama's (it's her first Thanksgiving even though we've been in Canada for almost 20 yrs). We did manage to get a halal turkey (Muslim version of kosher) so she could eat it. I shall let you know how our halal Thanksgiving goes next week - I'm sure I'll have some great Mama Hasan quotes to share!

I HIGHLY recommend Priya for your photography needs, she was awesome! If you're in the Greater Toronto Area, you can reach out to her at for photoshoots of your own, (engagement shoots, outfit shoots, headshots etc) and don't forget to mention that I referred you!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I Regress...

Just as I progressed to high quality pics; as the universe would have it, I regress to the shady (literally and figuratively) Myspace type self-shots. Such is my pendulum of blogging outfit posts, and if you don't know, now you know *bleeeeeeeep*!

Anyways, here I am in what I would call a fairly humdrum outfit which I rendered snazzier with the Oxford heels. Off to work I go! (super caffeinated!!)

Outfit Breakdown:
Blazer- H&M $40 from few years ago
Cropped pants- Dynamite $34
Shoes - Spring, I think 35ish