Monday, September 24, 2012

Emmy's 2012 - Best and Worst Dressed

This year the Emmy red carpet didn't lend itself quite easily to a strict best and worst dressed dichotomy. Normally, when I do my red carpet breakdowns its usually quite clear who qualifies for which list but not this time and I'll tell you why.  This year, as I was watching the "LIVE From the Red Carpet on EEE!" I found myself gravitating to some looks and then some looks clearly garnered a "NOT so much"....BUT then this strange thing happened when I started looking at the pictures of the outfits and literally each look had the opposite effect of what it looked like on TV....GAH! Really all this did was confuse me amidst this confusion I have compiled multiple lists...lists that consists of some commentary on dresses from an awards show.... Maybe writing this out will help alleviate some of this confusion, here goes nothing:

 The "Looks Better in Pictures then on TV" List:

This sari-inspired Marchesa gown on Hayden Panettiere looks far too subdued for a 23 yr old - but when I saw this pic, I couldn't deny how good she looks, the girl knows her angles!

My first thought when I watched her on the red carpet - SEAFOAM OVERLOAD; with the shoes AND jewelry matching her dress, it was too much! But then she sprinkled her Victoria Secrety Angel-dust on the cameras and...ya she made it here - although I do NOT condone all this matching

The "Looked Better on TV Then Pictures" List:

This Giambattista Valli gown on Julianna Margulies looked amazing on TV! It was stunning: the print, the colours and the pockets really made her stand out in a good way - but then the pictures were so dull and grandma's curtains- looking - if you PVR'd the red carpet coverage like I did, I suggest you go check this one out.

Ginnifer (with a G) Goodwin WOWED in this Monique Lhuillier dress - probably one of my favs of the night! I love her chic hair juxtaposed with the glamourous over-the-top gown, really creates a striking look: this picture although gorgeous, does not do it justice!

Oh Elizabeth Moss, you normally end up on my worst-dressed or most awkward list, but lately you have been improving and this Dolce and Gabanna number really helps! The print is bold and feminine, the fit is sexy and the short blonde hair creates a wonderful contrast - I just wished it photographed better!

Battle of the Yellows: 

 Yellow seemed to be a big trend on the red carpet - I bet this is a sign for Spring 2013, you have been warned ;)
Julie Bowen (who won for her role in Modern Family! yayy!) would have been my favourite yellow if it weren't for her frazzled, half up, moussed-from-the-90's hair! I love the punch of neon, it really is a fun way to wear colour but the bad hair really hurt the whole look

The colour on this Dior couture gown is absolutely stunning on Julianne Moore but I am not a big fan of the fit, it cuts her right under her chest which creates a really strange line - not the most flattering!

Alright so that leaves us with a very pregnant Claire Danes in Lanvin (who won for Homeland, need to watch that show) - I loved how effortlessly she dressed for her changing body, this bold colour was a great way to create drama especially if you're not comfortable wearing bold cuts or fitted dresses when preggers.

And even more yellow!

Canada's very own Hannah Simone from The New Girl- also rocked a canary yellow, not a huge fan of the strap but she is gorgeous regardless!

Kaley Cuoco from Big Bang Theory

My Favourite Looks (other then some of the above):

One of my FAVs of the night: January Jones in Zac Posen, so elegant yet playful and the cut really created some interest!

Kat Dennings is absolutely gorgeous in this ruby J Mendel gown. Add the hair and makeup and of course her natural beauty and you've got a winner!

I love Tina Fey. She wore a fitted Vivienne Westwood and looked amazing it in, the colour, the cut and the fit all worked

Here is a perfect example of what a young person should wear. This Katherine Kidd gown is fun, floral, playful and Ariel Winter from Modern Family looks so pretty in it!

The "NOT So Much" list:
Alright so Zooey Deshcanel has hair issues. She always picks nice dresses and then proceeds to ruin the look with hideous bouffant hair! Enough already Zooey.

Many will like this, because its blingy, bright and fitted. But this Zuhair Murad dress on Sofia Vergara looks like her pageant dress for Mrs. Latin America 2012. No me gusta!

Oh Kristen I love you so but why must you insist on wearing boring neutrals that wash you out to EVERY award show. She even admitted on the red carpet that she told her stylist she wanted to look like a ghost....I think she got what she wanted.

Christina Hendricks in this Cristian Siriano gown is another example of wrong colouring. Its the wrong shade completely for her VERY fair skin.

AND thats a wrap folks! Did I miss anyone you think?


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    1. On point as usual, Ms. Saima! Totally agree about the appearance of the dresses on tv versus photos - do the stylists test this out before these kinds of shows?? January Jones was my fav too!! Sophia vergara - ay caramba!! Stop it with the ms latin prom queen mother of the bride dresses, please!

  2. Good choices! I felt the Hayden dress could have been a disaster if the mesh was even slightly unfitted so she lucked out with that one. And ppl seem to love Heidi's dress although I feel it was too many slits all over - plunging neck and two slits?! Love the color and hair, though. And I'm all for our girl Hannah except if you're gonna do a slit ... show it. And the tan lines ... no bueno!! She plays sexy in the show, she should play sexy on the carpet. I think it would suit her more and be more beneficial for her career. Just my two cents :) LOVED Tina Fey and thank you for calling out Wiig cuz I'm so over her neutrals. Blegh! Heart you and great job!

    1. I didn't even notice the two slits!! lol maybe the newly single Heidi?? (puke) And the hidden one on Hannah too, plus the tan lines :S Good eye ;) Lol Thanks for ze love darling BIG XOXOXO