Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammys 2013: Best and Worst Dressed

What is going on with award season this year? We're a little low on the "fashion moments" quota thus far; I am sincerely hoping that the upcoming Oscars will open the "fashion moment" flood gates. The Grammy's normally is one of those shows where musicians break all conventions and try and outdo each other for the most outrageous outfits- making it an exciting red carpet to watch. But alas, not so in 2013. Creating a list of best and worst was really not that exciting - I almost wanted to create just one category of "Meh Dressed" but I decided to give some credit to those that did try a bit - (I'm looking at you JLo's Leg). 

Given the lack-lustre nature of the sartorial choices, I only managed to select 4 for the best dressed list (normally I do at least 5).

Best Dressed:
 4) I absolutely adore Florence Welch and her risk-taking fashion choices. She consistently presents herself as a walking piece of art. I love her for it and this green Givenchy fits her bill perfectly.

 3) Kelly Rowland definitely turned heads in this George Chakra cut-out number (almost a reinterpretation of the Toni Braxton dress at the 2001 Grammy's). She clearly defied the strict "instructions" by CBS not to show skin or something (really CBS?) but it abosolutely paid off!

2) I loved Rihanna's red Azzedine Alaia dress, her new Beyonce weave did make it less fashion forward but considering Rihanna is constantly taking fashion risks, it was nice to see this change and I think made it a risk in itself! Rihanna, playing it safe? Now thats risky. (also she should keep her risk-taking behaviours for fashion and not relationship choices).

I also loved her mid-riff baring perfomance outfit during the Bob Marley tribute, now this is the "usual" Rihanna we're used to!

1) Cue trumpets, marching band, thunderous applause, maybe even a parade of horses doing funny tricks....the Queen has arrived (leading with her leg). JLo went from the worst-dressed at the Golden Globes (click here) to the Best dressed at the Grammys a month later, either way she brings the drama. The true controversy from last night was JLo's leg vs. Angelina's leg - I think JLo's leg dropkicked Angelina to Timbuktu (where she may adopt from again). Did we expect any less? I''m just glad someone brought their A-game!

JLo in a Anthony Vacarello dress

Worst Dressed:

5) Disclaimer: I have great respect for what Janelle Monae is trying to do stylistically. Her androgynous style is unique and breaks all boundaries BUT must she wear variations of the SAME look repeatedly? I would love to see her re-interpet her style in a different way, maybe add colour or a pattern. We get it, you love tuxedos.
4) Nicole Kidman showed up to support her country musician turned American Idol judge of a husband.  Granted it was not her night, she is an Oscar-winning ACTOR, and so no need to outshine the wannabe actors that all musicians seem to be these days . And if you take a look at her red carpet history, she can annihilate any of these fashion wannabes IF she so chooses. Well, she does not choose to do so in this Vera Wang dress. How kind and humble of her...

3) Another boring and predictable choice- you can always count on Carrie Underwood to promify or bridify any dress- and she accomplished that last night. Her red carpet look was prommy and her performance dress/green screen was a wedding gown borrowed from a Real Housewife.

2) Ok, this was a real disappointment for me. Beyonce is usually the queen of over-the-top glamour and wearing UNcomfortable dresses, and we love her for it! This Osman jumpsuit, albeit very chic, looks too....comfortable! How can this be?! Call in the hounds! (I don't even care if that reference makes sense, it was a hound-calling moment for me). She didn't OWN the red carpet like I thought she would, and especially if you're sitting in the front row, please wear something interesting for us to look at, because they will keep cutting to you! I kept wanting them to pan to Solange! This outfit at a premiere or the after-party would be great, but on the most-important-red-carpet-of-her-LIFEtime, not so much.
 1) Katy Perry has trouble dressing her chest area. Understandably so, as she is naturally heavy-chested which can present quite an issue when finding the right cut to maximize flatteringness. This dress does not do that. The colour as well clashes with her rich, jet black hair. Mint green has to be styled very specifically, (take JLo's impeccable mint green styling at the 2003 Oscars) and this is not a good example of how to wear mint green. So the combination of poor styling and bad fit land her the title of worst-dressed. I rest my case.

What did you think? Did I miss anyone you would add?


  1. Totally agree with your picks! Although Florence was a bit edgy for my least it was interesting and different.

    I also loved Taylor Swift, thats the best she's ever looked IMHO.

    Love that J'lo's leg drop kicked Ms Pitt out of orbit!

    And all I could mutter when i saw Katy Perry was "dirty pillows" lol, I didn't even know those words were in my vocabulary!

    Carla :)

    1. Dirty pillows! Lmao! Makes perfect sense :S Agreed about Taylor, she did look better then usual, I almost put her on an Honourable Mention list along with Adele, A. Keys but then decided not to do that list at all, not worthy. ;)

  2. I loved Rihanna and Florence's dresses, they both looked stunning!