Monday, August 27, 2012

Outfit Post: Retro Vibing

Lately, I have been in a 70's kind of mood, hence me wearing this dress I bought from F21 months ago. I love the whole 70's vibe; big pants, the big sunglasses, billowy big hair and full on silk blouses, printed dresses, bell bottoms- the whole nine yards. You'll be seeing more of these trends to in future blog posts!

With this dress, I saw it, loved it, bought it and then it sat in my closet, tags and all for about 3 months. I have a bad habit of buying "statement" items or items that are "different" or items I have an emotional reaction to (yes, i get emotional- you know you do it too!) then these "statement" pieces sit in my closet and rarely ever see the light of day. I really need to learn how to buy more practical basics to go along with all the crazy colourful, printed stuff I have in my wardrobe. And you know whats even funnier? Despite having all these printed/colourful items, I will always resort to my trusted black cardigan, blue jeans and white t-shirts...go figure. So this outfit took a bit of self-persuasion but I'm glad I took this dress out for a spin, finally....

Also I think I was waiting to get shoes, accessories that would go with this dress. Enter wooden anything - the shoes and the purse both are wooden which gives it a retro vibe. Also any gold accents also add a 70's flare to any outfit:

Outfit Breakdown:
Dress - F21 $30ish
Shoes - Costa Blanca X ($15 on sale!)
Purse - FCUK ($30 on sale)
Bangles - Le Chateau ($40 for 3) 

Are you retro vibing? Whats your fav retro era?

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  1. I love the dress! It definitely brings the 70's era to mind - which is one of my favorites for fashion. Amazing as usual!