Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Outfit Post: Yellow Blazer and Black Harem Pants

So here we are, back to the grind! If you asked me a year ago, I probably would not be too happy about the end of a long weekend - and although I  loved spending precious quality time with my close friends and family this Thanksgiving weekend- I'm actually completely ok with going back to work at the magazine (SHE Canada Magazine). I feel truly grateful and blessed to be able to say that now, and that journey was not an easy one to get to but ya I love my job! :) I would love to hear what you guys are doing and how you feel about your job/career?

I thought it would make sense to post a work-appropriate outfit (maybe the harem pants wouldn't work for some offices, you can always replace with classic black trousers). There is nothing like feeling put together to add that little motivation to kick-start your work week on the right foot. I think it makes a difference if you wear something you feel good in, its a nice confidence boost (and I know I can always use some of that, mostly because I'm super humble). And also we can't underestimate the power of image in the work/corporate world today, with the growth of personal branding and social media - the importance of image is unavoidable (unless you're Zuckerberg, or Gates but then you're probably busy inventing a life changing device and not reading my fashion blog). 

Anyways, this yellow blazer I've worn before (see pics here) and really has been a great purchase from H&M. I've been wearing it to work, to nights out, to dinner etc which I think is the sign of a smart purchase, I'll do a CPW (cost per wear) analysis in the near future; the way I gauge it is if the cost per wear reaches about $2, I think you've got your money's worth!

Action shot! This was very difficult and this is the best you're gonna get
The crap I had to touch on those grimey walls for this pic :S

Hope you're Tuesday isn't too bad, and if it is, its a short week! Yay! 

Photo credits: Priya Crasto  (crasto.priya@gmail.com) 

PS: I resisted the inevitable urge to call this post Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow.....u get it.


  1. It's a pretty outfit, elegant and stylish! I follow you now on GFC :)


    1. THank you for the bloglove Gemma!

  2. Lovely blog! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :)

    Malin @ http://fashionfied.tk

    1. Yes for sure! Lets do it, if I haven't followed you already!