Monday, October 22, 2012

Outfit Post: Tuxedo Blazer and Maroon Dress

So clearly I have been neglecting my blogger duties as of late. I do have a somewhat good reason, which happens to arrive monthly without fail - nope its not what you're thinking, its because of a photo shoot for the Dec/Jan cover for SHE Canada (a magazine I work at as a Styling Coordinator < official title!). Yes, once a week every month, there is a photo-shoot to plan, clothes to pull, photographers to acquire, sets to confirm, hair and makeup to coax, and models to cast. Not only do I and my editor produce the shoots (which means getting all these elements in order), we also pull all the clothes which means physically visiting each designer's showroom (or, as is the case in Toronto, it often is a boutique, an apt or basement) and selecting which clothes you will most likely use in the shoot. Then the clothes get couriered or you do the couriering and of course after all is said and done, these clothes must be returned. Needless to say, it takes up most of my life for that week. I am convinced that 90% of a stylists job is lugging stuff from one place to another and a required skill for the job is the ability to balance an obscene amount of garment bags, shoe boxes, etc and open doors with your foot without suffering any major injuries. Really, if you look like a bag lady most of the time and you don't drop anything, you would probably make a great stylist.

Anyways, about the outfit; I would easily wear this to a nice dinner or a fall wedding, you'll see that I am again wearing the thrifted tuxedo blazer (I wore it before like this) but this time pairing it with a dress.

Outfit Breakdown:
Maroon Dress - M by Mendocino ($70ish)
Tuxedo blazer - Value Village ($12.99)
Booties - Le Chateau (A bday gift to myself almost 4 years ago)
Opaque tights - H&M 
Clutch - F21 
Necklace - F21 (love the jewellery there!)

Nosey neighbouring

When I run out of zoolander style poses, it turns into this.

Love Toronto

Hope you like it! I really tried my hardest at posing all cool but since my coolness is questionable, its tough to pull off...I'll try harder next time!
Photo Credits: Priya Crasto works her photography magic once again (If you need a photo-shoot of your own for engagements, blogging, headshots etc email: - she is great and will give you a starter rate, just tell her I referred you)


  1. The maroon looks beautiful on you- the dress and the lipstick. I too love F21 for jewellery, it's just stupid how on trend and cheap it is.

  2. Thank you c! Yup cannot go wrong with F21 jewellery :) It only lasts a season or two but you get your money's worth!

  3. Wow I've become an expert at balancing obscene amounts of groceries, shopping bags, and a baby - maybe I should try my hand at styling? *sigh* I wish. Love your look - that dress is your color! Plus those shoes are SO cute!


    1. It looks like you'd be great at it! Multitasking is key ;)

  4. Love the pictures, and the lipstick colour is great!

  5. I love the color of your dress.. awww it's amazing <3