Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globes 2012 BEST Dressed


 1. Charlize Theron – A VISION in Dior Couture. Theron wins the best dressed title and beats out the competition by a mile! She is a true A-lister who shows the newbies how it’s done. Absolutely beautiful.

2.    2. Angelina Jolie – Another bonafide celebrity, earning her A-list status once again by just stunning us with her perfection. This Atelier Versace dress, the hair, the red touches, Angelina yet again bitch-slaps us with her beauty....

3.   3. Jessica Alba– just oozing Hollywood glamour, we can always count on her to pull of a stunning gown. She always looks feminine and glamorous and it’s clear: the pre-baby body is back!

4.   4. Claire Danes – at first this dress is confusing, until of course we see the back, which solidifies her spot on the Best Dressed list. Elegant, sophisticated and under-stated sexy, this J. Mendel creation is fashion gold.

1.      5. Nicole Kidman –There was a time when Nicole Kidman would easily be #1 on this list; and then she became more demure for a few years, opting for plain looks. Well, judging by this amazing Versace dress, SHE’S BACK!
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