Thursday, February 2, 2012


Coloured denim is a trend that has been circulating in trendsetting closets for a couple of years now and this trend is not going anywhere: It is officially a closet staple for 2012! Now you might react one of two ways to this news; run for the hills, I’ll never wear coloured jeans! OR I’d like to try it, but HOW?!  

Well hopefully this article will alleviate some of that colour anxiety – here are some helpful tips on how to easily incorporate coloured denim in your jean rotation to instantly update and brighten up your wardrobe!


Which type/brand to buy: Skinnies with a little stretch:  Urban Outfitters ($$)  J Brand @ ($$$) ships to Canada! Coloured Denim section: 

Which colour to choose: Gem Tones (deep reds, purples, blues, darker greens) - For summer 2012, can go with lighter colours

What to wear it with: Pair with neutral tops (black, white etc) and either black pumps, booties or simple flats/loafers for a more casual look

When to wear it:

For a night out: wear with black or white blazer, or neutral/black silk blouse – high heeled black pumps, add a cute clutch, some studs and coloured lips and you are ready for a night out!

For a day look: wear with neutral/tan knits and loafers - add a multi-tone scarf to complete the look

Ps: when dealing with colour, it is important to balance out bold colour with neutrals - and the opposite holds true as well, when wearing neutrals, it is important to add pops of colour to create a balanced look

Here are some examples: Good luck!

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