Tuesday, July 20, 2010

STYLE PROFILE: Emily frickin' Haines

Emily Haines is a woman who holds her own as the front woman of the popular Canadian band, Metric. Not only is she a bonafide rockstar in a male-dominated industry, she is not afraid to look FIERCE while rocking out. Haines has steadily become a Canadian style icon over the years and rightfully so. Not afraid to pair a sequined short dress, (ala Debbie Harry) with rough, leather rock star boots much like her male counterparts: Haines’ style can only be described as glam rock that exudes a feminine toughness, a feat rarely accomplished in the current music-fashion scene; and most importantly she makes it look effortless.

Haines receives style assistance from a local designer (Toronto) by the name of Alana Kakia who helps her construct and reconstruct new and vintage pieces, often inspired by high fashion lines such as Balmain. Haines not only supports local designers, but openly (and unpretentiously) admits to her inspiration sources, and re-appropriates them in an organic way. Even more reason for her to be touted for her style.

So who better to represent Canadian fashion then a confident, strong, talented, independent artist, who can rock the hell out of a sequined Balmain-inspired mini?

Emily frickin' Haines.

Images courtesy of: www.ilovemetric.com

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  1. hell yeaaaaah! a style icon no doubt, with confidence to boot. one hot canadian lady!