Friday, July 9, 2010

This One’s for the Boys…

It all began with an enticing email; the subject line stated; “A favour or a challenge, call it like you see it”. The challenge/favour was to help two dear male friends revamp their style; it was absolutely music to my ears, we were going shopping! (I love spending someone else’s money for them ;) And it gave me a chance to dabble in men’s style, an unfortunately limited commercial arena, but one with great potential….

The Context:

Here’s the background on my friends/victims, frictims?: one claimed he hadn’t bought clothes since 1982 and had settled into a uniform for social gatherings which consisted of blue jeans, white long sleeve tee and white kicks (honestly can’t remember him in anything different and I’ve known him for 8 years)….the other friend had purged much of his wardrobe, some clothes dating back 15 years! Right, an intervention was necessary and a shopping date was set. They both approached this task with an open mind, which is all I ask; if you have a willingness to take sartorial risks, we are good to go and they were, and so we went…also might I add that their sudden interest in shopping was largely motivated by their “single, ready to mingle” status.

The Experience:

We had a fantastic albeit tiring day of shopping, and after visiting multiple stores, changes rooms and coffee shops, they walked away with bags in hand and hopefully a re-awakened enthusiasm for personal style…and as a bonus, I had a fun day with great friends.

Our Discoveries:

~Sadly, current options for men’s style are far too limited
~Slim fit jeans are not for every guy despite my love for them
~Some straight men limit their fashion potential due to a fear of emasculation
~Cardigans are not necessarily man’s best friend
~The uber preppy, “academic” look is in combined with a nautical influence (however, typical of the fashion world to hyperbolise the “academic”, if you remember how professors dress, you know these trends were not determined by academics themselves!)
~One day of shopping is not enough to acquire a new wardrobe

Fruits of our Labour:

~Converse sneakers (aka Chucks) –all white and/or all black
~Casual plaid shirt – (roll up the sleeves please!)
~Grey on grey pinstripe dress shirt
~Thin v-neck sweater – striped white and caramel
~Navy and white striped polo

Wish list for next time…

~A fitted blazer, with a fun lining, in a light colour
~Slim cotton pants (rolled up cuffs)
~Brown leather loafers
~Ray Bans or classic Aviators (sunglasses)
~Plaid shorts
~Slimmer fit jeans
~Thin, solid black tie
~Good quality white dress shirt
~A few Henley Tees

For all those men out there who could use a wardrobe revamp - feel free to start small and incorporate some of the items listed above into your own attire - happy shopping!


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  1. Great Article! All Staples for a stylish mans wardrobe. Can't wait until part 2.