Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Outfit Post: Turn Summer Gear into Winter Wear

First, let me just say that these seemingly gratuitous selfies seriously induce a major existential crises for me  every time I post one. However! The only saving grace is if they serve a purpose that is higher (and/or more divine) then just showing off a great hair day or non-bloated day (both equally important). The higher (and/or more divine) purpose of these outfit posts are to bless the lucky ones (you) with some spiritual guidance in the form of style tips, that include: what goes with what, what colour is good, what shoes are nice, and generally how you can look your best without re-financing your house. (buying it yet?) 

So, in the spirit of divine fashion guidance, here is my little outfit where I rendered what previously was considered STRICTLY SUMMER WEAR (a mint coloured denim) into winter night-out, sister's bday celebration wear. Rules are meant to be broken right? 

This pastel/sorbet/easterbunnyegg coloured denim was a massive trend this past summer; I bought these Urban Outfitter mint green jeans mostly because of the colour and I wore them many times last summer (you can see that here and here and here). But as the leaves turned and it got chilly, they were placed at the bottom of my denim pile and I didn't wear them for months, thinking they were only meant for summer- but that didn't have to be the case. 

I pulled them out last Saturday against all conventional fashion logic, but by pairing them with a black blazer, black boots and white&black graphic tank, I turned it into a winter look. I love getting the most out of an item and the thought of these jeans sitting at the back of my closet was annoying me. I know that many of you bought coloured denim last summer, (maybe a turquoise, a lilac, or a pale pink) and you might think twice before pulling them out this season, but hopefully I've shown you that you can! And also that fashion rules are meant to be broken (but check with me or someone you trust if you're breaking them in the right way!)
Outfit Breakdown: 
Jeans - Urban Outfitters $68
Graphic top - Hearty Larks $20 (Local Toronto designer)
Blazer - Zara $100
Booties - Spring $27 ( years ago on sale)


And that's how you can turn summer gear into winter wear ;)  Watcha think?


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