Monday, February 13, 2012

GRAMMYS 2012 - Best and Worst Dressed

The tone at this year’s Grammys was no doubt deeply affected by Whitney Houston’s shocking death just the day before. However, many of the artists as well as the host, LL Cool J – encouraged that instead of just mourn, we celebrate her life and work through music. Through a moving tribute by Jennifer Hudson and various shout-outs for Whitney, her life and death were handled respectfully last night.

And in keeping with the celebratory tone, how could we let an event like the Grammy’s go without discussion, deconstructing, and dissing the fashion! Especially when there were more options for Worst Dressed then is my list:


Adele cleaned up the awards, category after category - restoring some faith in the music industry, and she wins once again for BEST DRESSED!  The styling was impeccable, the hair, the make up and the Armani dress made me so happy - success all around!

 Rihanna made a grand entrance with this custom-made Armani gown. Looking clearly comfortable, confident and gorgeous and the hair adds the punk-pop factor to complete this head-turning perfection!

Gwyneth hits the minimal look spot on - and is perfectly fashionable without trying too hard (a rarity at this event) - effortless, chic and sexy in this black Stella McCartney


What was she thinking! Katy Perry normally has a costumey aesthetic which we love to see on the red carpet, but this more `demure` look really didn`t work for her. The fit is horrible, especially as she is top heavy. She wins the title of Worst Dressed.

WTF. Try-hard, shock value gone wrong...need I say more.

Carrie Underwood almost got it right with this one - but not quite. I think had it been a different colour or shade and her hair wasn't such a french braid from prairie-town, this could have worked.

 Now see, Taylor Swift just missed the mark with this one. I see that she is trying to re-invent her look, as a more mature, serious artist but this look is TOO old for her. She should have gone for a more flowy, romantic feel with her hair in waves and soft bangs.

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