Sunday, February 19, 2012

Colour for Coloured Girls

For us pigmented girls it pays to experiment with colour- bold colours look amazing on darker skin and its a simple way to make a statement!

Take this stunning example of the newly (and I hope healthily) transformed Jennifer Hudson:
Jennifer Hudson promoting her cover for Good Housekeeping

Why it works:

Warm Yellow Dress– she used a warm tone, bold yellow to compliment her skin tone (a light/pale yellow would have been unflattering)
Red/Coral lips – the perfect accent colour, and it’s just enough colour so as not to take away from the yellow dress
Nude Shoes – also the perfect way to balance out the yellow dress and red lips
V-Neck – is most flattering for a top-heavy figure
Here are some examples of other girls of colour successfully adorning colour!

Viola Davis

Freida Pinto

Sofia Vergara

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