Monday, June 14, 2010

An Homage to SCARVES...

It’s instant comfort as the familiar hot breath bounces back and covers your freezing face in a warm shield. You sink further and further into the comforting ring around your neck, the soft material gently caressing your face and suddenly you feel at home. A familiar feeling that never disappoints during those cold, lonely nights….
Whether used as a security blanket, a fashion statement or a political statement, scarves have proven to be one of the most classic accessories. This is precisely why you need at least a few sprinkled in your wardrobe, regardless of trend or season. Scarves are a potentially inexpensive way to upgrade any ensemble, if you are willing...
To help make the most of your scarf collection, here are a few ways to rock ‘em:

 Simple way of sporting a long scarf, add one loop or more depending on desired length of scarf – definitely can go longer when in heels
 No real science to draping this way – you’ll need a material heavy scarf and play around with it in front of a mirror until you like what you see

 Look chic when you wrap the entire scarf around the neck (use a light material). Especially great if your hair is up or you wear it short. Pair with fun stud earrings for added interest
 A classic pashmina, pick a vibrant colour to effortlessly add excitement to your everyday look – this one is easy!
 A leopard print scarf is a great accessory as the print keeps getting re-hashed in a multiple forms over the years – drape one side longer and tie it in the back to create that loungy loop

 Our FAV scarf style – a simple yet high impact accessory worn in a way that will surely turn heads! Adjust the size of the bow depending on taste (use a printed silk scarf)

 We couldn’t resist an Audrey Hepburn reference -there is nothing more sophisticated then wrapping your head in a silk scarf and pairing it with over-sized sunglasses – a plus if you have a convertible to match ;)
Ps: wrap around neck once and tie the knot in the back to avoid looking like a bag lady

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  1. I've gotten so into summer scarves this season. I've really been digging the look of a beton stripe t (ala audrey) with a contrasting printed scarf.

  2. Hey Becca,
    i'm totally with you on that one - its such a classic look! makes me feel like i've stepped into Jackie O's or Audrey's shoes :)

    les filles of mode viviendi...