Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Lovin'... TRY IT OUT!

As I’m talking with my girlfriend while riding the subway together, mid-conversation she professes her love for my nail polish on my fingernails – which is an aqua bluey? (a risky colour for many people). She asks to borrow it for her toes, (probably because blue fingernails wouldn’t jive in her work environment) but I thought, what a great way to incorporate some boldness into your everyday aesthetic; something we should all do more of, and why not start this summer…
But we wouldn’t send you on this risky journey without guidance, so…this summer the fashion raison d’etre is all about colour, boldness and risky behaviour. Trends come and go, but the key is to pick at least one and TRY. Here are a few starting points to help you with that:

Change your Blush
Never given enough credit for its propensity to make an impact, your cheeks are yearning for a change of tone or colour – for a drastic update try a plum blush (apply more or less of it depending on skin colour and desired effect). For the less risky, try a bronzer as the base for your usual blush and watch the colour pop

MC Harem 
You may think you run the risk of looking like a washed up pop star, but the re-emergence of harem pants is not about repeating outdated looks. It’s about modifying a classic silhouette to make it work for you now. There are varying degrees of harem that you can try depending on your comfort level and body type: from jumpsuits, to pants, to capris:  pair them with a fitted top and a belt, and you are good to go

The happy medium between a flat and heels, and definitely more comfortable, wedges are a great staple in your wardrobe. The best part about it, they come at different price points, patterns, heights and even shapes – and some are like little blocks of art 

Chunky Watch 
A hot accessory (I admit, from previous seasons) BUT it still looks great today – and adding a chunky, men’s watch to your night out, gives you that oh-so desirable edge. You can invest in a pricier brand, OR just pick one from Winners in the Men’s section

Nails 2.0
We all need an update to our nail polish collection periodically, and there is no better opportunity then this summer. There are some daring, fun colours out there; so experiment and go BOLD! Try a bright yellow, blue, green or purple (if not on your finger nails – try it out on our toes) 

Light Denim
For those of us who love our cool, casual looks – light denim is your confidant this summer. Thrifting a light denim button down shirt could be the best thing you do for your wardrobe– if you’re not used to thrifting, plenty of stores have light denim shirts or jean options. Fit it with a belt and some tights and you have a great casual ensemble  - or wear denim on denim if you dare… 

Bold Prints 
There are many options, variations, colours to chose from – the key is to try items on to see what colours/prints work best against your skin (look for some contrast)–my fav is finding a bold print, structured dress for a night out; only one piece required and go easy on the accessories to counterbalance the bold print…low maintenance!

Stay tuned for our pieces on belts and scarves…

{pictures courtesy of: denim dress; harm & bold print pants, watch; nail polish; blush; pattern wedges; black wedges}


  1. Hey Ladies, Congratulations on your first post. I enjoyed reading the blogs as I took some interesting info from it and will try one real soon.

    Keep it up and keep posting!!

  2. Thanks EJ! Let us know how your trial goes :)

    Much love,
    Mode Viviendi