Monday, June 18, 2012

Shellac'd and Hook'd!

Uh oh this could be I tried a Shellac mani for the first time for a wedding and I think I'm hooked....can I ever go back to the regular ol' way of just painting nails? My wallet is not going to appreciate this...

I went to some Asian place in Mississauga (is it just me or is every time you step in an Asian nail salon you feel like Elaine from that Seinfeld episode? I swear the woman doing my pedi was laughing at my feet). I spent about $50 for a shellac Mani and regular pedi- not bad right? I'm guessing just the shellac manicure alone would probably run me about $25ish.

So what are the benefits of this brilliant invention? Well, it looks pristine and stays in tact for about 3 weeks, chip-free so you really do get your money's worth! Usually my regular manicures barely last over a week because they get chipped or I inevitably ruin them right after.

With Shellac they are pretty much immediately dry and ur hands are free to multi-task as we all do.The only caveat would be that it requires a little more effort to remove. You can either buy one of those acetone jars to remove them or get them removed professionally (at this nail salon removal costs $5).

Here is evidence of my first and definitely not my last. I'm hooked!

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