Monday, June 18, 2012

MMVA's 2012 Fashion Recap

The MMVA's are Canada's version of the MTV Music awards - and as is the case with music award shows, the fashion tends to be slightly more outrageous, which I love to watch! What I especially love about the MMVA's is the Canadian fashion that is represented on the red carpet.

Here are my favs/and not so favs from the night, many of them in Canadian creations!

Carly Rae Jepsen- looked stunning in this double slit black dress but the bold necklace really made the outfit! But I must say, she really needs to go on a long hiatus for a while, over-exposed anyone? OR do something entirely different with her music! Her outfit here does help create a more 'grown up' look which works, now just drop another single already!

Katy Perry - looked understated glam (understated for her) in a gorgeous VAWK dress from Canadian designer Sunny Fong. She normally goes the costumey route but with this look she made a bold statement without using any gimmicks 

 Nelly Furtado - hmm well I'm glad to see Nelly Furtado making a come back amongst this lip-synching ridden pop scene. She is a gorgeous woman and she looked great last night in this white Herve Leger dress. I would've loved to see her in something else though (whatever happened to her relationship with Canadian designer Arthur Mendonca??) I feel Herve Leger is completely stale fashion now, the bandage dress needs to be buried indefinitely. BUT i'll give her a pass for this one...


Shenae Grimes - this black dress/double slit thing might be a new trend, Shenae Grimes is wearing New York based, Canadian Designer Amanda Lew Kee. Lew Kee's creations are quite popular with the MMVA's and Shenae Grimes wore a Lew Kee dress two years ago as well. Looks young, fresh, hip, sexy, perfect for the awards!

Selena Gomez - not too impressed with Selena Gomez's fashion choice here, there is not much dress to talk about and the little that there is, is kinda...dare I say, tacky? Yes, the colour, the spaghetti straps, the length, the everything....not ok.

Justin Bieber- How could I let this post go by without talking about the Biebs. Here he is holding a baby, hopefully not his own, (I think its his step-brother), looking every bit the cool, swaggy star that he is. 

Some more fashion shout outs:

Canadian musician Anjulie looking pretty in pink, but adding a little bad ass with the black leather hand thingy

Much Music VJ Lauren Toyota looking sexy in this sparkly number!

Much Music VJ Phoebe Dykstra - love the contrast of frills and tatoos

The Battle of the Fros:

Kreesha Turner

Perez "I'm born again" Hilton

I don't get either....

And thats a wrap on my MMVA's red carpet rundown, who was your fav or not so fav??

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