Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Big Photoshoot: October in July

I'm truly truly grateful that you all have been checking in regularly, only to find that I've taken a bit of a hiatus....oops, but I promise the break has been all for valid fashion reasons. For the past little while I have been working on conceptualizing, styling and helping to organize and  a major editorial spread for the October issue of SHE Canada magazine ( I have to say the day of the shoot was THE professional highlight for me thus far, it was a great day that validated all the risks I took to switch careers and turn my life upside down in my late 20s (a story I will surely share with you once the ending is written, right now we're still in the beginning chapters). I worked my butt off along with the rest of the SHE Canada dream team (Priya and Liz) but more importantly we reached out to a talented, hard working team who really made magic happen.

I cannot wait until the images hit the newsstands, but until then I have compiled a few BTS shots (instagram pics I took/stole, obvs) with a bit of my own commentary, to show you what the experience was truly like. The shoot took place on a scorching Tuesday in July, on a rooftop in Toronto, with the incomparable fashion photog Renata Kaveh (check out her work here), it was a true privilege to watch her do her thang', her passion was absolutely contagious! We featured two models: Shaifali from Elite and Delia from Next - both who rocked the ish out of the clothes! Justine Mcknight was the make-up artist, that woman can do wonders with her arsenal of palettes, brushes and q-tips and Danika Cahill did her divine signature hair style, that battled the fierce winds and won each time. Really could not have asked for a better synergy. The creative direction for the shoot was Tim Burtonesque meets Fall 2012 trends meets glamazons (lol I suck at explaining my concepts but I can see it in my head). 

Oh and ofcourse, the CLOTHES- we featured a mix of designers both Canadian and otherwise (including Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, McQueen, Acne) but my favourite were the VAWK pieces. Another highlight, I got a chance to meet Sunny Fong, the Canadian designer behind the beautiful VAWK clothes and I can only hope we did his clothes justice (me thinks he will likey :)

It was an amazingly fulfilling day, I loved the adrenaline, the dynamism and creativity behind it all, when my head hit the pillow that night I can only describe it as a feeling of happy-tired....and I'm still happy-tired.

Here are a few pics from behind the scenes:
Renata doin' her thanggg
Me in the middle in work mode and models off duty

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