Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Outfit Post: From My Sister's Closet

Ok I needed a break from posting pics of myself - but now I'm back. Here is an outfit I wore to dinner with my girlfriend last night. I must give credit to my sis cus most of this outfit belongs to her, good thing we can share clothes! (well, its a good thing now, only after some counselling...)

 Outfit Breakdown:
Striped blazer - F21 $27
Jeans - My trusted Gap skinnies for $78
Clutch - H&M ($20ish? I can't find the price for this, can anyone help me out?)
Wedges - Nine West ($45 on sale at an American outlet)

The blazer, clutch and shoes were all my sisters. SO there you have it, you can and will share clothes peacefully with your sister one day, but it might require a few sessions with a professional first.

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  1. Oh and not living under one roof REALLY helps too.