Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thrifting Secrets Revealed

One of my fashion secrets which I will divulge (only for you readers ;) is finding a Value Village near a rich neighborhood and literally stalking it! The one I stalk is in Oakville, an affluent suburb outside of Toronto (where I'm sure some rich housewives turn over closets like they do nannies)  And why not take advantage of it! I've found pure silk/wool blazers, vintage Balmain & Herrera scarves, a vintage Versace coat (for men) and the list goes on..

The key is to find pieces made of all natural materials (pure silk, wool, cashmere, etc etc). I don't really care whether I know the label, as long as its all 100% natural, high quality material. And if you end up with a vintage label piece, then bonus!

Keep in mind thrifting does take time and patience but can make for a fun girlfriend/sis/mom/partner date! Another caveat is the potential added costs for dry-cleaning and tailoring/altering a fancy find, but you still end up saving! Yes, I'm obsessed with thrifting, and another bonus is that its consumption-conscious: reduce, reuse, recycle kids!

Here is an outfit that I put together for a day at the internship, using a thrifted 100% pure silk blazer I got for $7! I did have to get it tailored for $20, but its still worth it I think...
Next on my thrifting hunt is a denim vest (member those?) and silk blouses, stay tuned...

So there you have it, my thrifting secrets revealed, now go forth and thrift!

ps: Blogger doesn't recognize thrifting as a word  =O, "clicks add to dictionary"


  1. hey! i went to the 50% sale last week i think it was? i bought a denim jacket and just ripped off the sleeves to make it into a vest lol. finding a vest was too hard! i'd been on a hunt for one for months now, so luckily i found a nice GAP jacket for like $7

  2. Ahh I missed the sale! Woe is :( Maybe I should get on an emailing list so I get notified? Amazing idea for the denim jacket! And can't beat $7:)